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Preparing for a Storm

Plan Ahead to Manage Risk

If you haven't already, talk to your insurance agent about purchasing flood insurance for your business. There is typically a waiting period, so it’s best to plan ahead to ensure your assets are protected.

Personal Protection

To avoid being trapped when floodwaters threaten your area, the best action to protect yourself and your business is to evacuate before flooding starts. If you do not evacuate before the flooding occurs or you are trapped by flash flooding, do not enter flooded areas or moving water either on foot or in a vehicle, including areas that appear to have only inches of water. (Source: FEMA Flood Guide)

Property Protection

Your goal now, before a flood occurs, is to reduce the risk of damage to structures from flooding. This means elevating critical utilities, such as electrical panels, switches, sockets, wiring, appliances, and heating systems, and waterproofing basements. In areas with repetitive flooding, consider elevating the entire structure. Make sure that basements are waterproofed and that your sump pump is working and then install a battery-operated backup in case of a power failure. Installing a water alarm will also let you know if water is accumulating in your basement. Clear debris from gutters and downspouts. Anchor any fuel tanks. Move furniture, valuables, and important documents to a safe place. (Source: FEMA Flood Guide)

For in-depth preparedness tips, click here for FEMA's Flood Guide.

Take advantage of the Interactive Tools section of our website to help you assess your flood risk.

Why Use Assurant Flood Solutions?

Assurant Flood Solutions is a trusted provider of private flood insurance in addition to being among the largest Write Your Own (WYO) companies for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). We provide innovative tools backed by a team of in-house flood experts to help homeowners, businesses and agents Protect What Matters Most: Your family, your home and your way of life.

The National Flood Insurance Program is underwritten by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida

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